Big changes are in store for us. We therefore want to share with you what we are currently working hard on in the SWISS KRONO GROUP.This year we will celebrate our firm’s 50th anniversary. We are proud of everything we have accomplished over the past half-century. Today the SWISS KRONO GROUP ranks among the world’s leading producers of engineered wood products.

The fruits of our labour are used in 90 countries around the globe to erect eco-friendly buildings and create personalised living spaces. We manufacture our products in 11 plants in eight countries, each of which has so far had its own company name and image.

Now, however, we have decided to strengthen our image as a group, pool our expertise and forge a single, consistent identity:



"We want to underpin our traditions with a strong, unified brand and make a mark internationally. In this way, we will help to shape the market."

Ines Kaindl, President of the Administrative Council of the SWISS KRONO GROUP

As we can’t realistically do this overnight, the transformation will be an ongoing process. But we are already taking the first steps. In 2016 the company names and logos of the individual sites will be replaced with a single, unified brand. From that time onward, we will be a corporate group with a clearly defined profile under the SWISS KRONO name with a consistent corporate design. This will emphasise the fact that all of our plants belong to the SWISS KRONO GROUP. We will therefore be putting an end to the current diversity of names and logos. Above all, this will make it easier for you and your customers to distinguish our products from those of other manufacturers.

Not much else will change. High-quality products will continue to be our hallmarks, and you will still be able to turn to the same customer representatives. We will of course still focus on serving you and meeting your needs and expectations. One benefit of growing together more tightly like this will be more intensive joint research and development. We will also become even better able to professionally and dynamically implement customised service solutions. In other words, you can continue to count on our traditional strengths and capabilities – while being curious about what we will be additionally offering in future as SWISS KRONO.

We are convinced that this undertaking puts us on track for meeting the challenges of the next 50 years and becoming even more competitive. We would like to thank you for your confidence in us, and are looking forward to a successful future with you.